Private Coaching with Cormac.


Highly personalised coaching with clear goals & direction, accountabilityand attentive growth plans. 


Fast-track your agency's growth and jump past the trials and tribulations of running an agency with direct 1:1 Coaching with Cormac. 

What to Expect from 1:1 Coaching

Complete Personalisation

1:1 Coaching allows for complete personalisation to you, for you. Each coaching session is tailored to the individual's specific learning needs and professional development priorities, whilst ensuring optimal learning outcomes.


It can be tough doing it all by yourself. That's why we're here to help you stay accountable and achieve your goals. By working closely with him, you'll receive unwavering support, constructive feedback, and invaluable guidance every step of the way. With Cormac's help, you'll stay motivated and focused on making steady progress toward your desired outcomes, ensuring you succeed in reaching your full potential.

Clear Goals & Direction

Cormac will assist in outlining your goals and provide the actionable steps and direction needed to achieve professional growth. 

Growth Plans

Strategic growth goals will enable you as a business owner to plan and track your growth. Cormac will provide attentive growth plans to increase this engagement and improve overall business performance and productivity.

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Our Member Results

Here's a look at the results our members have seen since entering The Agency Mentor Program!

$800k in 2021 to $8M in 2022

Meet Jake O'Donnell, Founder & Director of Adholics. In just 1 year, Jake has 10x his revenue, grew his team from 1 to 10 & the Adholics team have now moved into their own office space in Melbourne! 


$12k/month to $30k/month

Meet Lucas Jensen, Founder & Director of Forward Media Marketing. In just 3 months, Lucas has 2.5x his revenue & grew his team from 2 to 4!


$30k/month to $70k/month

Meet Jason Le, Founder & Director of JRNY Digital. In just 3 months of joining The Agency Mentor program, we 2.5x Jason's revenue, grew his team from 3 to 7 & the JRNY Digital team have now moved into their own office space in Brisbane! 


Complete Service Realignment!

Meet Caitlin Gibson, Co-Founder & Director of H&C Media. Since working with Caitlin & Hayden, we focussed on developing a new service offering, adding higher pricing points to which they closed 3+ new clients at a $2k base retainer in 1 month!


Sales, Systems & Service Delivery!

Meet Danny O'Shea, Founder & Director of Onewave Media & That Content Place. Since Danny entered our program, we quickly developed a tiering structure into his service offering, allowing him to grow alongside his clients. Once created, we then tackled his sales process, developing his delivery, pitching & relationship building! 

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We are currently accepting a handful of members into The Agency Framework program at one time. This is to ensure quality & service delivery within our program & live community.