The Agency Mentor Program has now worked with over 100+ Agency Owners!

Here's what a few of our members have to say...

From Misfocus to Unstoppable Growth

Meet Taha, Founder of Urban Promotion. He found direction and success through our mentoring program, gaining 9 retainer clients and the ability to focus on crucial aspects like cash flow and profit margins. This transformative experience showcases the power of our mentorship in achieving tangible results


Confidence & Clear Direction

Meet Emily & Helena, Founders of The Arrow Agency. Struggling with uncertainty & clear direction, Emily & Helena have since restructured & simplified their service offering, gain clarity around who they service & what results they drive and more importantly, have confidence & clear direction on the steps to grow their agency. 


The Great Reset & Community Value

Meet Steven, Founder of Picos Creative. Since coming on board, Steven was able to identify the problems and was provided with clear answers to refine his agency's process and systems. Through our community, he has made connections with other agency owners which has allowed him to expand his network and relate to like-minded individuals. 



Power of AOV, Processes & System

Meet Sara, Director of Freckle Digital. Sara was able to increase her AOV by repackaging her services and implementing a minimum retainer. She learned the power of systems & processes to grow (and retain) her team. She leverages our community to her benefit by showing up to each call and seeing the value in communicating with our community.



Undertsanding Finances & Margins

Meet Kady, Founder & Director of Kady Creative. Using the program she was able to understand her finances and margins to help grow her agency in the most profitable way. Kady has taken on the value of the community through ongoing support and personalised answers to all her questions.


From $20k/mth to $70k/mth in 9 months!

Meet Parker, Founder & Director of Tuff Media. By working through his business problems, he was able to switch how he operated by focusing on the business as a whole. He doubled down on quality control, tapping into the power of content, paid ads and organic to grow in a profitable waParker has been able to grow his team and business in a  profitable way.

P.S. Since posting this, Parker has hit $85k months for the last 2 months! 


Doubled Team Growth Through Restructured Services!

Meet HER Social, Co-Founded by Emma & Hollie. In just 1 month, Emma & Hollie have 2x their team growth through the implementation of strategies and processes. They've closed new clients faster than ever through the repackaging and restructuring of their services.


$800k in 2021 to $8M in 2022

Meet Jake O'Donnell, Founder & Director of Adholics. In just 1 year, Jake has 10x his revenue, and grew his team from 1 to 10 & the Adholics team have now moved into their own office space in Melbourne! 


Clear Direction & Communication 

Meet Clayton, the creative mastermind behind Inspire Small Business! When he first joined, Clayton was experiencing a plateau within his agency and looking for a fresh perspective. In just a couple of weeks, he's managed to find a new sense of purpose and direction for his agency. He's brimming with exciting new ideas on how to streamline processes and communicate more effectively with his team and clients.


Sales, Systems & Service Delivery!

Meet Danny O'Shea, Founder & Director of Onewave Media & That Content Place. Since Danny entered our program, we quickly developed a tiering structure into his service offeringallowing him to grow alongside his clients. Once created, we then tackled his sales process, developing his delivery, pitching & relationship building! 


From $30k/mth to $70k/mth in 6 months

Meet Jason Le, Founder & Director of JRNY Digital. In just 3 months of joining The Agency Mentor program, we 2.5x Jason's revenue, grew his team from 3 to 7 & the JRNY Digital team have now moved into their own office space in Brisbane! 


Complete Service Realignment!

Meet Caitlin Gibson, Co-Founder & Director of H&C Media. Since working with Caitlin & Hayden, we focussed on developing a new service offering, adding higher pricing points to which they closed 3+ new clients at a $2k base retainer in 1 month!


$12k/month to $30k/month

Meet Lucas Jensen, Founder & Director of Forward Media Marketing. In just 3 months, Lucas has 2.5x his revenue & grew his team from 2 to 4!

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